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  • Marine Supreme Essence


    Premium peptide collagen beauty liquid supplement with multi-functional anti-defying ingredients of tri-peptide, to effectively reduce the visible signs of ageing and promote skin rejuvenation.

    8 Vials * 50ml

  • Forest Supreme Essence


    Supreme anti-glycation & anti-oxidant herbal liquid supplement for sensitive skin improvement and AGEs clearing. With exclusively added ingredient of hyaluronan, it provides a faster approach to skin moisturisation and water retention while experiencing anti-glycation and anti-oxidant activities.

    8 Vials * 50ml

  • Snowplus™ Supreme Essence


    An ultimate inner beauty formular with powerful brightening and whitening ingredients to prevent melanin formation, confronts existing melanin and clear away melanin residuals from skin cells, to find you a brighter and whiter complexion.


  • Snowplus™ Complex Elixir


    A rose flavoured tablet with rich natural vitamin C & glutathione to fight free radicals also help prevent melanin formation.

    3 Tablets*14

  • HA Complex Elixir


    A peach flavoured tablet with Ceramide, Nicotinamide & other hydration nutrients for all-around skin balance & skin cell nourishment.

    84 Tablets (21 X 4)

  • AG Complex Elixir


    A pomegranate flavoured tablet with phenol-rich natural extract for antiglycation and skin elasticity restoration.

    84 Tablets (21 X 4)

  • Slimplus™ Enzyme Jelly


    Premium fermented plants with nutritious goodness of fruit and vegetables to establish a healthy weight. It assists in achieving your weight loss management, detox & bowel health, digestive health & nutrition absorption.

    7 Sachets * 20g

  • Sleeplus ™


    Clinical proven formula design to provide premium natural herbal extracts that benefits quality sleep in an effective & convenient method. Assists to relieve tenseness, restlessness, and support restful and deep sleep.

    14*3 Chewable Tablets