Black Current Extract 1,000mg

Black Current Extract | 1,000mg

Black Currant Extract with rich bio-active glycosides offers anti-glycation and antioxidation support. Promotes skin health and helps to brighten and nourish for a more youthful appearance.

MIRALIFT™ 12,800mg

MIRALIFT™ 12,800mg is a patented miracle peptide with high content to recover the loss and build collagen in your body. It is targeted in precise assistance of age-defying support and fine lines and wrinkle recovery. Simultaneously helps to brighten, hydrate and firm your skin for restoring of youthful look and feel with advanced anti-acidification function.

Sea Fennel Essence 1,000mg

Sea Fennel Essence is professional for cell repair, cell regeneration, and collagen formation on your skin, it is the key to achieving the best possible results in a deeper anti-aging effect, maintaining a flawless firming and youthful complexion.

Elastin 500mg

Elastin is working synergistically to strengthen your skin support structure and skin defense. It glows your complexion and builds protection from oxidative stress.